Happy New Year from Lojah

January 5, 2017


Hey folks, Happy New Year! I’m really looking forward to 2017.  It’s going to a great year.  For starters I’m embarking on a series of shows throughout the year, and the production of a new ep in the spring and I’ll be giving away a painting from my facebook page as part of the release. […]

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Yuletide Greeting from Lojah

December 20, 2016



Hey folks, I almost can’t believe another year has gone by and so much has changed, but it feels really good to be moving forward into the next phase of life. I have a couple 2017 shows booked already and a few more tentative dates coming up. If you’re in the Pensacola area you should […]

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US Veterans at Standing Rock Apologize for History of Genocide

December 6, 2016


The demonstrations ongoing at Standing Rock against the Dakota Access Pipeline have brought a wide assortment of passionate supporters committed to stand with them against the destruction of sacred and historical sites, and to protect the fresh water supply of the Missouri River. (Read More)

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Thanksgiving, Legend, and American Indians

November 24, 2016


Thanksgiving is one of the United States’ most significant national holidays. It’s probably second in popularity only to Christmas. Like most Americans, I grew up with it. There’s really not much to it other than cooking a lot of food and having a feast in the middle of the day, during which we are supposed […]

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Spring Greeting

April 3, 2016


Hello friends and family! Spring is finally here and I think the weather is actually going to stick around.  It has been a little while since I last sent out an update, because I’ve been so heavily involved in working for Veterans Healthcare reform, and some pretty significant life changes that I let my regular […]

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Easter Rising, Easter Lily

April 1, 2016


As Easter week draws to a close I thought I’d write a little bit about my most recent painting “Easter Rising.” The Easter Lily is a calla lily, adopted by Irish republicans symbolically to commemorate the revolutionary combatants who died as a part of the 1916 Easter Rising.  It is traditionally worn at Easter time.  […]

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Here We Come A-Wassailing; The Roots of a Christmas Tradition

December 11, 2014



It’s not Christmas without Christmas carols.  Many of our most traditional carols are filled with lyrics and lines that leave the modern caroler bewildered.  One of my favorite holiday tunes is “Here We Come A-Wassailing,” also commonly known as “Here We Come A-Caroling.”  Just what is wassailing?  Is it just an archaic word for Christmas […]

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